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Mode speed

I live in a neighborhood at the foot of Monticello (Th Jefferson's place) built before the advent of the automobile. The City Traffic Engineer is a good one, but decisions made by her department are influenced mightily by forces other than those trying to create a walkable City.

We are trying to protect a neighborhood street an its most vulnerable users, looking to establish 2 9-10' lanes, a sidewalk and the construction of two tree islands at one point to create a "yield Street" condition.

The traffic engineer responds saying "You don't need traffic calming. The 85th percentile speed is 28.5 mph but the "mode speed", of 20 mph, very clearly indicates no traffic calming is necessary."

Is "mode" a common form of averaging used in traffic engineering? I feel that the "mode" average is very sensitive to the placement of the speed measuring device and speaks less to the aggressive throttle deployment of drivers on this stretch of road than does the 85th percentile speed.


“There are three types of lies -- lies, damn lies, and statistics.”
Benjamin Disraeli
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KC is going to the World Series

The gridlock downtown must be unbearable...
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Cellphone towers...in parks?

My town (Duluth, MN) revealed a plan to tear down 100 year old ski jumps (historic status) and replace them with a "stealth monopole" cellphone tower.  We were unable to save the ski jumps, but we are now fending off the cellphone tower. The impetus for this cellphone tower comes from the City Planning Department (of course).  Staff people seem befuddled that community members would disagree with this plan -- it is permissable with a Special Use Permit, which needs to be granted by members of the Planning Commission. 

I am wondering if other members have faced similar battles?  If not, prepare yourselves!

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